Sea, land and air freight In Egypt, Elomar Company provides you with all the fast shipping means for different vegetables including chili pepper, dried pepper is about 0.7 cm to 3.5 cm and width of 1.0 cm to 0.3 cm width

There is a small group of peppers from the falafel

As for the shape, it consists of horned horns ranging in color between orange, yellow and redish yellow

The flavor is characterized by the fact that it is the hotter seasoning of the large sweet pepper

Storage and transportation: Fresh red pepper should be fresh, very hot free from any damage, pests or any strange or rotten substances

It can be kept for about 12 months in case of compliance with recommended storage conditions and shipped throughout the year

The sweet pepper is packed or transported by filling it in jute bags. It takes about 20 kg or is packed in other things or transported in bales.

In the conveyor containers can be used standard and comply with the minimum compliance of the water content of the goods, packaging and floor containers

Pickles: Hebron is the process of keeping food or extending the length of food either through anaerobic fermentation to prevent the leakage of any air and keep the product from the dangers of damage and rot

The process of pickling on the fabric and flavor in East Asia will be used vinegar and vegetable oils as a pickling medium to make the flavor better.


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