Dubai Maritime Authority pioneering experience to impress UAE Maritime Week

Sunday 22 September , 2019


Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMAA) is showcasing its pioneering experience that has made it one of the leading international shipping centers at the UAE Marine Week 2019.

Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMAA) confirmed its intention to discuss the topic of ‘Globalization and Cooperation: Two Key Trends within the Maritime Sector’ at the third session scheduled on the sidelines of the Dubai Maritime notebook 2019, which is one of the highlights of the UAE Maritime Week 2019.


Dubai Maritime Authority upgrades marine insurance mechanisms

The session will discuss ways to strengthen constructive cooperation between the maritime industry in the future with a focus on shaping the next phase of globalization of shipping and logistics and identifying future opportunities within the shipping sector for leading companies and private family companies.

The aim of the session is to find successful solutions to the most prominent emerging challenges while exploring the possibility of accelerating the pace of consolidation of international efforts in the future and their impact on vital economic sectors.


Other issues on the table include the next phase in the globalization of shipping and logistics, the orientation of commercial companies towards the ownership of shipping assets, as well as exploring the future of shipping between large public companies and private family companies.

Dubai Maritime Authority discusses the future of the emirate’s maritime sector

Amer Ali, Executive Director of the Dubai Maritime City Authority, said that the Dubai Maritime Authority is responsible for spreading the lessons of Dubai’s march of excellence, which has made itself among the leading international shipping centers.


“ This responsibility is supported by its leading position among the best maritime centers in the world for 2019, under the continued support of the wise leadership to upgrade the competitiveness of the local maritime assembly and develop the maritime and logistic capabilities. ”

The Dubai Maritime notebook 2019 stands out as one of the main events scheduled during the UAE Marine Week 2019, which takes place from 22 to 26 September.


Attention is now being drawn to the upcoming Emirates Maritime Week, with a strong interest from global maritime industry leaders as a unified platform to explore the future of the maritime industry from the perspective of innovation, knowledge and intelligent transformation


Review by Mohamed Ramadan

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