Elomar Shipping Co.

Elomar Shipping Co. for Import, Export and Delivery is considered one of the most important Egyptian companies especially in trade and shipping.
We can export dry or fresh products especially dried clover to all over the world. In addition, our company supplies all products from any place at the request of our customers and guarantee our customers the privacy and quality of service.
We have large farms in Toshka, Aswan and Luxor, which provide us with many kinds of fruits and vegetables.
Elomar Shipping Co. provides its customers with suitable prices for internal delivery, shipping and customs clearance.
Alfalfa: Description of product “
Alfalfa is a fertile plant that grows in the soil once and lasts in the soil for up to five years.
Alfalfa is one of the most important fodder crops grown to feed animals and grown to provide the protein component, which led to the production of farmers to enter and feed fresh and dried animals in various forms of animal species such as cattle, buffalo and sheep, as well as grinding them to become a suitable food for feeding rabbits and poultry.
Alfalfa is one of the largest fodder crops in the world in terms of cultivated area, where it is a unique food for fattening animals and increasing milk production
Cultivation of clover: “Cultivation of alfalfa”
This is a long metal pipe that is connected from the other side by water. A complete circle is drawn around the area of ​​agriculture. It has a set of other posters in irrigation systems with spray irrigation, which gives an area of ​​about 200 acres.
Forms and forms of clover: “Models and varieties of alfalfa”
The types of Alfalfa Hijazi are divided into several groups according to different scientific classifications. These classifications depend on the ability of the class to withstand the degree of coldness and can be divided into several groups.
The first group is the narrow hand-cold group characterized by a period of complete silence and growth during the winter.
The second model is the medium-cold model, characterized by an incomplete period of growth during the winter.
The third model is a model that does not tolerate cold. This model has no period of silence to grow during the winter.
Storage types: “Type of storage”
After the extraction of clover seeds, which is the flower in the form of small belts in the form of bales and packages and preparation for export.
There are different types of bales and depending on how to tie this bala, whether wire or metal thread.
Our bales sizes are as follows:
1. Small bales tied with a wire away from 35; 40; 85 cm
2 – Large bales are wrapped in a circular or cylindrical shape and the size ranges between 70; 120; 210 C.M
Technical Specifications: “Technical specification”
Protein ratio: 19-23
Humidity: 14- 10
Percentage of weeds: 2-5%
Insect percentage: 5
Pureness: 98-100% Color Green

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