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established in 2011 with an ISO 9001 certificate.

We have gained solid experience and wide shipping network to all over the world and offer the best prices for all the customers and we provide many functions and activities in the field of shipping

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Shipping/ Sea Freight

Al-Omar provides you with “shipping” services ...

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Our company is distinguished by its experience in the field ...

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Customs clearance

good reputation in international field “customs clearance“ ...

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Latest News

Egypt launches Ain Sokhna-Mombasa shipping line

Egypt has launched a shipping line from Ain Sokhna Port to Mombasa Port in Kenya . Egypt’s Minister of the Public Business Sector Hisham Tawfik said on Sunday.

The line will offer a full range of transport and logistics services to global traders working with East African countries . Tawfik said during his participation in a conference on governance index in Africa .The Egyptian Center for Economic Studies  held on Sunday.

The public business sector ministry adopte the shipping line is part of the Gosoor Project  .To enhance foreign trade between Egypt and Eastern and Central African states.

In his address to the Rotaries African businessmen forum earlier this month . Tawfik said that the project aims, in its first phase, to provide an integrated logistics and transportation services chain . For external trade and industry with East African countries through companies under the public business sector ministry .In addition to providing an insurance service for goods.

“The project is expected to be entirely completed in 2020, and will be managed using international expertise in order to provide high quality service,” Tawfik said at the conference on 1 October.

Tawfik expects the services that will be provided through the project . It is  include road transport for commodities as well as assembly and customs clearance services at ports.

For sea transport, the minister clarified that storage space. In collaboration with international shipping lines, will be allocated to provide a regular service at decreased shipping prices.

The minister noted that a new marketing and mediation company  will be there in cooperation . With domestic banks and private sector investors with the aim of opening new markets outside Egypt . In addition to restructuring foreign trade companies inclusively.


Bumper of orange crop in stores and sales ratios

The world’s orange crop will reach an 8-year high of 54.3 million tonnes in the 2018-1919 campaign. The favourable weather conditions have fostered large harvests in the US and Brazil. We estimate consumption to be higher. South Africa and Egypt remain the top two suppliers, accounting for a combined 60% of world exports. Egypt’s production will reach a record 3.4 million tons (+ 10%) thanks to the expanded production area. Exports are estimated to rise 4% to 1.6 million tons. Good weather has also produced a strong EU crop (+4% to 6.5 million tons).

As a large proportion of the US and Brazilian crops is for processing, global fresh exports are slightly down. The rebound in US production is thanks to the return to more normal conditions in Florida (where 95% of the crop is for processing), after the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma in the previous year. Good weather is also to thank for the rise in Brazil’s production (+26% to 20.2 million tons). In contrast, China’s production is down slightly to 7.2 million tons due to unfavourable weather.


Five Korean Shipping Companies Joining Forces to Get Qatari LNG Shipping Deals

Five South Korean shipping companies are looking to create an alliance.

In order to secure huge LNG transportation orders that would be placed by Qatar.

Companies including Korea Line, Pan Ocean, SK Shipping, Hyundai LNG Shipping and H-Line Shipping.

It will present their plans for Qatari LNG project in Doha on October 14.

Korean Yonhap News Agency cited industry sources as saying.

The shippers are joining forces as they reportedly eye contracts to operate the yet-to-be-built LNG fleet.

The announcement comes amid high-level talks between South Korea and Qatar. On October 13, Sung Yun Mo, Korean Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy met in Qatar Saad bin Sherida Al-Kaabi, Qatari Minister of Energy.

They discuss the cooperation between the two countries in the field of energy.

In February 2019, Al-Kaabi, who also acts as the CEO of Qatar Petroleum, confirmed the country’s intention to order up to 60 new LNG carriers by the end of the year.

Subsequently, Qatar Petroleum launched in April a major LNG shipbuilding program with an invitation to tender for the reservation of ship construction capacity to built the next-generation LNG carrier fleet.

The vessels would be constructed for the Qatari North Field Expansion Project.

That is expected to increase the country’s LNG production capacity from 77 million tons per annum (mta) to 110 mta starting in 2024.

In line with Qatar’s efforts to reinforce its position as the world’s largest LNG producer.

The country plans to build up to 100 LNG carriers over the next decade under its shipbuilding campaign.

World Maritime News Staff

Dubai Maritime Authority pioneering experience to impress UAE Maritime Week


Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMAA) is showcasing its pioneering experience that has made it one of the leading international shipping centers at the UAE Marine Week 2019.

Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMAA) confirmed its intention to discuss the topic of ‘Globalization and Cooperation: Two Key Trends within the Maritime Sector’ at the third session scheduled on the sidelines of the Dubai Maritime notebook 2019, which is one of the highlights of the UAE Maritime Week 2019.


Dubai Maritime Authority upgrades marine insurance mechanisms

The session will discuss ways to strengthen constructive cooperation between the maritime industry in the future with a focus on shaping the next phase of globalization of shipping and logistics and identifying future opportunities within the shipping sector for leading companies and private family companies.

The aim of the session is to find successful solutions to the most prominent emerging challenges while exploring the possibility of accelerating the pace of consolidation of international efforts in the future and their impact on vital economic sectors.


Other issues on the table include the next phase in the globalization of shipping and logistics, the orientation of commercial companies towards the ownership of shipping assets, as well as exploring the future of shipping between large public companies and private family companies.

Dubai Maritime Authority discusses the future of the emirate’s maritime sector

Amer Ali, Executive Director of the Dubai Maritime City Authority, said that the Dubai Maritime Authority is responsible for spreading the lessons of Dubai’s march of excellence, which has made itself among the leading international shipping centers.


“ This responsibility is supported by its leading position among the best maritime centers in the world for 2019, under the continued support of the wise leadership to upgrade the competitiveness of the local maritime assembly and develop the maritime and logistic capabilities. ”

The Dubai Maritime notebook 2019 stands out as one of the main events scheduled during the UAE Marine Week 2019, which takes place from 22 to 26 September.


Attention is now being drawn to the upcoming Emirates Maritime Week, with a strong interest from global maritime industry leaders as a unified platform to explore the future of the maritime industry from the perspective of innovation, knowledge and intelligent transformation


Review by Mohamed Ramadan

صناعة الشحن تدفع فاتورة إرهاب إيران في “هرمز” ‎

حذرت صحيفة “فايننشال تايمز” البريطانية، من أن قطاع الشحن البحري يدفع فاتورة التهديدات الإيرانية للملاحة في ظل ارتفاع تكاليف تأمين عبور مضيق “هرمز”، وذلك وسط دعوات بالتدخل العسكري لحماية السفن أو توفير “شرطة دولية” في البحار.

وقالت الصحيفة في تقرير على موقعها الإلكتروني، الأحد: “إن صناعة الشحن العالمية منقسمة حول أفضل السبل لتأمين مضيق هرمز، حيث تستعد لوقوع اضطرابات تجارية محتملة في واحد من أهم الممرات المائية في العالم، بعد استيلاء إيران على ناقلة نفط ترفع علم بريطانيا، الجمعة”.

ونوهت بأن ثلث النفط المنقول بحراً في العالم يمر عبر مضيق هرمز، وبالنسبة لملاك السفن والوسطاء ومجموعات الصناعة، كان الحادث الأخير مخالفة واضحة للوائح الدولية وحرية الملاحة التي تدعم التجارة العالمية.

وأشارت إلى أن المواجهة الأخيرة صعدت من حدة التوتر بين إيران والغرب، بعد أن احتجزت بريطانيا ناقلة نفط في وقت سابق من هذا الشهر للاشتباه في قيامها بتهريب النفط إلى سوريا في انتهاك لعقوبات الاتحاد الأوروبي.

والوقت الراهن يعاني ملاك السفن بالفعل من ارتفاع تكاليف تأمين عبور مضيق هرمز، حيث ارتفعت الأسعار من 8 إلى 10 مرات خلال الأسابيع الثمانية الماضية، وفقًا لجوناثان موس، رئيس قسم النقل البحري في شركة “دي دبليو إف” العالمية للمحاماة.

من جانبه، قال بوب سانجوينيتي، الرئيس التنفيذي لغرفة الشحن في المملكة المتحدة: “إن ناقلة المواد الكيميائية “ستينا إمبيرو” كانت تحمل علم المملكة المتحدة، ومالكها سويدي، وطاقمها متعدد الجنسيات، وأعمالها التجارية دولية”، لافتا إلى أن “هذه ليست قضية خاصة بالمملكة المتحدة”.

ولفتت الصحيفة إلى أن البعض ينادي بالتدخل العسكري لحماية السفن التجارية، بينما يخشى آخرون من أن هذه الخطوة قد تأتي بنتائج عكسية، ما يؤدي إلى تدهور علاقة إيران المتوترة سلفا مع الغرب.

واعتبرت “فايننشال تايمز” أن تباين الآراء يعد مؤشرا على التحديات الذي تواجه الحكومات، وهي تتعامل مع كيفية حماية السفن التجارية دون أن ينظر إليها على أنها تتصرف بشكل استفزازي، فيما قال أحد مسؤولي الشحن: “إن هذه السفن أصبحت بيادق في خلاف دبلوماسي”.

ودعا سانجوينيتي إلى تحالف عسكري دولي للسماح بالمرور الآمن للسفن التجارية، مضيفا: “إذا كانت مهمتها توفير الأمن والاستقرار، فسيكون ذلك شيئًا جيدًا”.

Elomar Shipping Co.

Who . We . Are ………..

ElOmar is a shipping company , export, customs clearance and transport by cars

Established in 2011 with ISO CertiFicate 9001…..

ElOmar company is an active member of the Egyptian Maritime and international transport.

*We have an internal transport license and a shipping license

*We have gained a strong experience and extensive shipping network to all over the world

*We introduce the best prices to our customers

*We also introduce many functions and activities in the shipping field

*The services We offered are excellent services with a simple prices in a short time

We are mindful to the time that the client want and these qualities of credibility and trust to

Indemnity the best services for our customers

*We have an Expert staff to provide the best services


**We introduce the following services

1_Maritime transport from all Egyptian ports

2_All logistic services

3_Customs clearance

4_container insurance

5_packing and warehousing

** our stores equipped with the recent security system and proctoring

6_saving export products

7_marketing the export products of the customers

8_saving importers for the customers products


^^ The company Goals^^

1_increasing the export activity

2_facility all shipping procedures

3_care to save time to the client

4_secure and fast products access

5_delivering the Egyptian products to all international markets

Company headquarters

@Main Branch: Old Damietta _ Musharafah square_Musharafah Plaza Tower.1st floor

@Port Branch: Damietta Port _ New investment building _3rd floor_office.n. B301


Shipping/ Sea Freight


Al-Omar provides you with “shipping” services based on its good relationship with most international ports by providing the appropriate shipping line to transport and control your shipment until you arrive at the country of arrival intact and without any delay.

Al-Omar Logistics Company is one of the best shipping companies in the world with the testimony of our customers. Through their trust in us and our commitment to promises, prices, timing and the arrival of the product safely

Al Omar Logistics Company deals with all international shipping ports all over the world with the possibility of comparing prices between other companies with the quality of shipping and rounding the price.

And the largest free grace period on the port for the containers

We have the highest level of shipping staff with experience and work creatively to reach the largest degree of work professionally and satisfy our customers.



Al-Omar Company is one of the leading companies in importing

and having a good experience in this field and facilitating all procedures and fees on our customers until the arrival of containers to the port.

The field of import and export in this era has become one of the most important developed economic fields as in the light of economic challenges and technological development, no country in the world does not work in the field of import and export.

Through this we can know the import process as it is the import of resources or products needed by the state from other countries to work to fill the basic needs.

All of this is done in a legal case, whether import or export operations and governed by laws due to the existence of fees vary from country to country

We find that the process of importing from china is different in  their form and  its  procedures for imports from Europe

Also wholesalers in Egypt They are subject to the same import and export policies of the country

Like other wholesalers in any country, but we find that many countries working to encourage the trade process and don’t take duties or taxes on import and export operations



One of the areas that characterize ElOmar company which can provide the lowest prices

This is because we have ISO certificate we are also a VIP company

In most of maritime agencies

We have the least transit period

And the longest grace period

Is free after the containers comes off the ship

Also saving export products with the highest specifications and the lowest prices


Written by Mohamed Ramdan

Customs clearance

Customs clearance

Our company is one of the leading companies which has experience in everything about shipping like > Customs Clearance …..

And all required certificates depending on the nature of the product

Also all paper transactions

^^What informs you about Customs Clearance^^

What is the customs clearance?

  • Its having some services provided by the state and that in exchange for money

  • These services are for goods that will beyond the states borders either through entry or exit

  • The state charges the price

  • The price of customs clearance is forced on these goods and fines are delayed in case of non-payment

How to customs clearance?

Customs clearance course in Egypt not unlike any customs clearance course found in most countries of the world

  • This is due to the existence of the (( GATT ))

Which unified the customs clearance with in the countries of the world operate unified regulations

And that led to unification of import and export procedures significantly among most countries

So the process of customs clearance dependent on use of paper and documents whether in import or export

The documents are also required for these operations are almost similar in Data and Procedures related to customs clearance

*Regarding the deal of purchase or shipping that related to the agreement signed between more than one country required to provide a number of important data for clearance the shipment easily upon arrival to the ports

*good to mention that most of the required documents must be provided by the providing of the shipment and he is the person who purchase the shipment from

There are also some other papers must be submitted upon arrival of the shipment in order to accept its release and depending on the type of the shipment and the imported source

Documents required from the factory or supplier for clearance the shipment

*The customs ask the supplier some papers related to the shipment like

- The commercial invoice

- Packing statement is also requested

- The certificate of origin must be presented too

*The supplier is keen to provide the Bill of landing

*Some certificates are also required in some goods like

                                           Fumigation certificate in wood goods

*Some paper like  A health certificate are required in case the imported goods with in the food

*** The customs Administration requires a certificate of quality for some goods especially if it was imported from China (( IQ ))

In the end it should be waiting about five days for all customs procedures to be completed

And that If the goods were controlled be The government agencies such as

The ministry of agriculture   or

The ministry of communications

Written by Mohamed Ramdan