Position of the port of Damietta Monday, 6/5/2019

The Media Center of Damietta Port Authority issued a statement saying that the port received during the past 24 hours 4 container ships and 7 general cargo ships. While leaving 4 container ships and 8 general cargo ships. Thus, the total number of vessels in the port reached 21 vessels, in addition to 21 vessels in the outer line waiting to complete the entry procedures. A total of 1419 tons of wheat were left with a total tonnage of 664 trucks, with a total load of 30075 of the general cargo, including 89 trucks carrying 4881 tons of wheat. The grain and grain silo reached the public sector at port 174813 … Wheat in the private sector stores 31157 tons. The general export traffic included 3428 tons of sand, 44800 tons of salt, 1300 tons of phosphate, 10530 tons of urea, 4350 tons of beet and 450 tons of cement. Equivalent to 496 TEUs, while the number of transit containers was 174 TEUs. General GS 5000 tons of wheat and 5105 tons of iron and 1216 tons of wood and 7,000 tons of rice and 2,000 tons of scrap and 5109 tons of corn. This has # damietta_port # Damietta port left train stones after he unloaded 1,000 tons of payload. Damietta Port Authority

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