Position of the port of Damietta Sunday, 21/4/2019

The Media Center of Damietta Port Authority issued a statement saying that the port received during the last 24 hours a container ship and 5 general cargo ships. While 3 container ships and 4 general cargo ships left.
Thus, the total number of ships in the port reached 23 vessels, in addition to 19 ships in the outer line waiting to complete the entry procedures.
He also left a train with a total load of 1324 tons of wheat.
While the number of 602 trucks left with a total load of 32,892 general cargo, including 125 transport vehicles loaded with 5884 tons of wheat.
Thus, the balance of grain and grain silo reached the public sector at port 154402 … while the balance of wheat in private sector warehouses reached 57504 tons.
The total exports of goods included 3,850 tons of sand, 1276 tons of cement, 105 tons of aluminum, 13131 tons of phosphate, 6000 tons of urea, 3100 tons of feed, 120 tons of liquid fertilizer and 1,200 tons of molasses.
In addition, the container traffic reached 218 TEUs and the number of incoming containers reached 262 TEUs while the transit containers reached 27 TEUs.
While the imports of general cargo reached 17000 tons of soybean, 1062 tons of timber, 7000 tons of scrap, 10 tons of packaged cement, 8000 tons of wheat and 17861 tons of iron.

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