Seeds “Seeds”
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in Our farms provide the best type of seeds of plants in suitable conditions.
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With the old company you can export and supply all types of Alfalfa Hijazi and all at suitable prices, especially with containers.
Fermented silage is a type of feed that is stored on the highest degree of humidity and is used to feed cattle, sheep and other animals. It is also used as a biofuel for anaerobic digestion. It is stored and fermented in a process called watering, glue or silence. It is usually produced from grass crops, Sorghum or other grains using whole green plant, not just grain. Silage can be manufactured from many field crops. Special terms can be used by type such as oats
Storage Type: “type of storage”
After harvesting, the crops are cut to about 5.0 in (13 cm)
When the silo is filled or stacked, a layer of hay may be spread or some of it is dry porosity on the surface of the silos.
Thus, the material is compressed by pressing it and pulling the urea out of all layers except the upper layer. Each time in the case of pressing, the conservation of varieties by weight is applied to prevent excessive heating
Concentrated fodder
Concentrated fodder contains a large amount of energy per unit because of its high content and rich in sugar, protein, fat and low content of raw fiber, which does not exceed often 16% and contains 75% of the raw material itself on the basis that dry matter is divided into concentrated materials in Energy and fodder concentrated in protein.
Concentrated energy materials are divided into grains: such as barley, corn, rye and white rice
The second type is the secondary grain products, wheat bran, corn and rice.
The third type is molasses such as sugar beet.
Including concentrated protein products such as capsules and oilseed meals. Some of this remains after obtaining oil from oilseeds such as herbs, cotton seed, flaxseed, peanuts, soybeans and sesame.
And animal products such as fish powder, meat powder, blood powder and milk.
And other foods that contain vitamins and food contains the elements of metal and other substances such as antibiotics and amino acids for urea
Onion cultivation “onion cultivation”
The edible onion belongs to the family or the family of mercury. It originates from Central Asia. The onion is made from very compact root plates, from the roots in the main head, which is surrounded by thick onion leaves. This end is in the onion neck, through which the exchange of fire or legs
The outer leaves are dry and protect onions from external influences during storage and transport
When checking the load to be loaded it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:
The onion should not be wet or covered with condensation. Instead, it should be dry and covered with a screen that distinguishes it with a simple rattling sound when carrying or lifting it.
The onions must be fully developed and mature well and should be round and uneven and should not be soft when touched.
It should not leave residue of onions cut on the load of onions, but these buds should be crooked and not cut, where there can be another danger is the rot of the neck of the bulb and thus should be the neck of the bulb closed and not thick indicating insufficient maturity.
The roots must be dry and free from the effects of the soil, which contain the causes of mold diseases. It is possible that the onion sprouts other sprouts, which affects the improper storage and the risk of mold.
The broken onions should always be mechanically rejected because they cause rapid damage due to the more intensive breathing. Here, the effect is also caused by contamination with leaf residues. The soft-skinned onion is suitable for shipment provided it is dry and has no damage.
As for the shipment of onions, onions are transported in the form of large jute or plastic bags in boxes, cartons, fruit boxes or mesh bags that are unsuitable for transport because of low air consumption.
Garlic cultivation “garlic cultivation”
Garlic is a plant belonging to the family of mercury and the most famous production areas are Asia Minor and India
The garlic is a broad, oval base plate. In addition, the entire garlic lamp is surrounded by several layers of dry, brittle, white and reddish skin that are easily disintegrated and the typical garlic flavor is produced from alesin.
As for storage and transport, when accepting the shipment, caution should be suggested to ensure that the product is dry. The garlic should not be dried or covered with density. Instead, it should be dry and semi-thin. The trunk and skin of the peel and skin around the individual garlic cloves should be completely dry.
Garlic is packed among other things in boxes connected to wood 17 kg and in 25 kg of jute bags or baskets or baskets of chips.