Spinach was first cultivated over 2,000 years ago in Iran.  By 1806, it had become a popular vegetable in America and in the 1920’s the U.S. pushed spinach commercially, with the Popeye the Sailorman cartoon becoming a great advocate for spinach consumption. Spinach is eaten raw in salads and also as a cooked green much like turnip greens or collard greens.

How to Select
Choose fresh, crisp, green bunches with no evidence of insect damage.
How to Store
Loosely wrap spinach in damp paper towel.
Refrigerate in plastic bag for use within 3-5 days.
Nutrition Benefits
Fat free; saturated fat free; cholesterol free; low calorie; high in dietary  fiber; excellent source of fiber; high in vitamin A; high in vitamin C; high in iron, high in folate; good source of magnesium.

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