who are we

Elomar Shipping Co. Shipping services for various types of maritime freight with guarantee and speed, making it one of the leading companies in its field in Egypt and the Middle East, and also provides customs clearance service to import companies.

Al-Omar offers the best prices of international shipping companies in Egypt.

Offering the best international shipping rates from all over the world and providing all types of containers 20/40 ft. The company has the customs clearance to clear the shipping procedures in the ports of Egypt.
Import and export services for companies and individuals all over the world.
We provide our clients the trouble of compatibility between shipping companies, import and export companies and customs clearance companies as it specializes in three areas and thus all transactions will be in one place, thus resulting in the lowest price offered to the customer.
It also provides the best price quotes and customer service to follow up the shipment that was shipped by the company from the time of arrival of the goods to the warehouses of the company and until it reaches the customer.
The Company shall explain and be bound by the prices provided by us.
The company also provides insurance on the shipment in the case of customer request and it is through contracting with the largest insurance companies in Egypt.